Self Managed Superannuation Funds

Australians are choosing to take control of their superannuation funds in order to protect and build their wealth for their retirement. It is important to understand that a SMSF is a wealth creation vehicle with significant tax incentives available. The SMSF must be properly established and managed as there are complex rules and regulations that must be followed in order to benefit from the tax incentives. Running your own SMSF is not for everybody but many clients prefer the personal control and flexibility that SMSFs offer. NorthCorp Accountants has developed a specialised and dedicated self-managed superannuation team to assist you with all your needs.

Our services include:
• Establishing your SMSF
• SMSF Administration
• SMSF Compliance with Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993
• Technical Support Services and Advice
• Specialised Financial Advice

Our existing clients have access to:
• Two superannuation partners including a recognised CA SMSF Specialist
• Over 10 years’ experience in SMSFs, managing over 200 funds each year
• Specialised SMSF accounting software
• Independent SMSF auditors
• Access to our financial advisor for specialist SMSF financial advice

We offer a flexible and personalised service by a dedicated and responsive team by providing you with timely and accurate advice and strategies to help grow your wealth and reduce the risks. Your can then enjoy the benefits of your SMSF in retirement.

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Establishing your SMSF

• Assisting you to develop a long term retirement and investing strategies (both inside and outside superannuation);
• Determining if a SMSF is the most appropriate wealth creation vehicle for you;
• Establishment of your SMSF trust deed and trustee structure;
• Ongoing review of trust deeds and on-going maintenance of your SMSF;
• Assist in the applications to rollover super fund balances to your new SMSF

SMSF Administration
• Preparation of the annual financial statements, tax return, members statements, investment reports and trustee meeting minutes for your SMSF;
• Maintaining individual member records including member account balances, preservation components and taxable and tax free balances;
• Preparing Business Activity Statements (BAS) for GST and tax instalments;
• Arrange for Actuarial Certificates to support the exempt current pension deductions
• Arrange for Investment strategies, Death benefit nominations, and property valuations
• Establishment of an account based pension from your super fund, including transition to retirement pension;
• Winding up your SMSF upon death of members

SMSF Compliance
• Arranging for the independent audit of your SMSF;
• Advise on minimum pension requirements;
• Annual SIS compliance review including trust deed, investment strategy, asset titles and death benefit nominations;
• Assistance and advice to trustees to rectify SIS contraventions, including liaising with the ATO and fund auditor;
• Maintaining your SMSF fund records and documents to support all fund transactions.

Technical Support Services and Advice
• Tax implications of making contributions to super;
• Tax implications of commencing a pension from your super fund;
• Advice relating to your SMSF and access to potential Centrelink benefits;
• Advice on proposed transactions to ensure compliance with SIS legislation;
• Tax effective re-contribution and pension strategies;

Specialised Financial Advice
• Advice regarding insurance within SMSF;
• Retirement planning;
• Estate planning and payout of death benefits;
• Our financial planner can provide a detailed financial plan for your specific requirements and also manage your SMSF investment portfolio.


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